A Janis Joplin Tribute Band

Ruby K. - Lead Vocalist

From childhood, there was never any doubt that Ruby K would grow up to be a singer; there was really no other career to consider. Fortunately, Ruby K spent most the '80s and early '90s as a rarity - an actual working musician who didn't need a day job. Sticking to alternative and pop rock, Ruby K fronted several bands that played consistently throughout Southern CA. She teamed up with a Canadian producer to release the single Do It All, worked on a couple of movies, recorded an album, and performed in musical theatre. And then one day, tired of chasing the elusive dream, she went out and got a - gasp! - day job. Well, sort of.still in the entertainment business, but now on the back end as an events producer for live music, television, charity, and corporate events. Even though Ruby K loved this path, something was missing. The thrill of performing was still lurking in the shadows.

Through some difficult years that included a disastrous marriage, an even more disastrous divorce, and the death of her beloved Mom, Ruby knew she needed to make a change and do something positive. Forming the classic rock/blues band Ragdoll proved to be the spark that ignited Ruby K's desire to get back to the live shows that were once a staple in her everyday life. And she discovered that the blues were the perfect genre to help heal her spirit. "There's a lot of catharsis in singing the blues ... just the way you can be transported to another place and another time can soothe the soul", she says. Since then, she has performed with several bands in the southland covering everything from rock, blues, '60s pop, Motown and country. Arguably her most notable performances have been tributes to Janis Joplin. Ruby has also recorded a third CD, due to be released next year.

Performing live shows consistently for the past several years, Ruby has developed a following that frequently compare her to Janis Joplin. Says Ruby, "That's just about the best compliment a girl can get!" Other influences are Tina Turner, Etta James, Sass Jordan, Power Station, and yes, Madonna ("a master of marketing!"). Ruby has been nominated twice for Best Female Singer at the Orange County Music Awards; she was also nominated in the same category for the South Bay Music Awards. Along with Ragdoll, she is a recipient of the USO Patriot Award for their performances supporting our military troops.

Currently Performing With
Ragdoll - classic rock and blues
The Hypnotics - 60's/70's era pop-rock
Pearl: A Janis Tribute - a tribute to the music of Janis Joplin

Ruby K uses:
Shure microphones
Carvin amps & monitors
Crown amps
Mackie sound board
Toca congas
RhythmTech tambourines/percussion
Latin Percussion

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