A Janis Joplin Tribute Band

Steve "Chili-D" Denison - Guitar

After 4 years of classical piano training starting at the age of 7, Steve picked up a guitar and has not looked back. His first semi-professional gig was playing for a Jr High School Prom at the age of 14. The next paid gig wasn.t for a long time, not without much grit & sweat pounding the pavement to get anything he could. The only thing that even slightly diverted his attention was baseball. Had he been able to hit a slider, life may have taken a totally alternate course.

Years of bouncing from band to band, genre to genre, Steve brings over 40 years of extensive and International musical experience from playing nearly everywhere from recording studios to dive roadhouses to high-class nightclubs to concert audiences of over 100,000 people to Pearl.

Steve's uncanny ability to both mimic the styles of a wide variety of guitarists as well as interject from the depth of his soul is a perfect match for the music of Janis Joplin, to which Pearl pays homage.

Currently Performing With
The Shadowblasters - eclectic blues/roots rock
Born Blue - blues band
Mark & Steve - acoustic folk & blues/rock, 90% covers, 10% originals
Pearl: A Janis Tribute - a tribute to the music of Janis Joplin

Steve Denison uses:
Rick Turner guitars
Fender guitars & amps
Takamine guitars
Electro-Harmonix effects
Shure microphones
Herco picks (the silver ones)
Rapco & Planet Earth cords & cables
Roland/Boss effects & tuners
Ernie Ball strings
D'Addario strings

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